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Clinical psychology is the branch of applied psychology that deals with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders and behavioral disorders, or abnormalities in the regulation of human relations with his surroundings. Clinical Psychology special interest in mental health, its norm and pathology, and therefore psychopathology, and diagnosis methods for determining such a standard and pathology, as well as factors influencing the diagnostic process. Clinical Psychology also deals with stress and crisis, which do not fall under the classical understanding of psychopathology. Examines the impact of psychological factors on the occurrence and course of illness (both psychiatric and somatic), and the impact of disease on the psychological status. Also explores the psychosocial conditions of treatment (including pharmacological), and recovery, or issues of quality of contact between doctor and patient.
Finally, is interested in ways to use psychological knowledge to improve the treatment, counseling and assistance to healthy and sick persons in the sphere of behavior and psyche, and especially these specific forms of interaction, such as psychotherapy, crisis intervention, rehabilitation, psychoeducation, etc., which together determine is now known as psychological assistance. In relation to other branches of psychological science, in addition to the areas already mentioned here, clinical psychology is close to psychometrics, health psychology, personality psychology and developmental psychology - both in terms of child development and adult human development and aging. In the realm of applied, practical, clinical psychology is a profession of psychologist in health care.