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Neurologopedics - Speech Therapy - the science of shaping the right speech during its development and its improvement at a later period (overall speech therapy), as well as the removal of various defects and disorders of speech (special speech therapy). The current definition of speech therapy say that it is "the science of shaping normal speech, speech defect and removing the teaching of speech in its absence or loss. Also includes the impact on the psyche to create the proper relationship to speech defects and prevent its negative effects on interpersonal contacts and the formation of personality. According to Demelowa (1979), speech therapy deals with the etiology and pathogenesis of speech disorders, their recognition, prevention and removal. He is interested in education in terms of speech, vigil over its development and improvement, and possible improvements when it deviates from the norm.
The tasks include speech therapy:
  • shaping of the normal speech in preschool and school period, or taking care of best development of phonetic, grammatical and lexical improvement of speech already formed,
  • removal of defects in speech,
  • language learning (speaking and listening) in the case of absence or loss or removal voice disorders,
  • removal of difficulties in reading and writing