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Neurosurgery - surgery of the nervous system - a branch of medicine dealing with diagnosis and surgical treatment of certain diseases of the nervous system.
Neurosurgical procedures are being performed on the basis of Neurosurgery Department University Hospital in Opole, widerange facility provided with the possibility of making the majority of neurosurgical procedures or in Polish most modern private neurosurgical hospital Vital Medic in Kluczbork
Neurosurgery areas of particular interest are:

  • neurotraumatology
  • cerebrovascular diseases,
  • the consequences of brain and spinal trauma
  • neuroonkology (central and peripherial nervous system and spine tumors)
  • disorders of the distribution of cerebrospinal fluid (hydrocephalus),
  • some functional disorders of the nervous system
  • peripheral nerve diseases
  • degenerative spine diseases