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The creation of this site was caused by the desire to meet the expectations of our patients. We used the best offer of internet communication platforms available on the market, which not only facilitates the presentation of our offer, but also allows patients to make appointments, check their places in the queue, automatic contact via e-mail or SMS. We hope that you will like this pioneering in our region solution.


Our Specialist Private Medical Practice has been working for you continuously since 1995, focusing on broadly understood diagnostics and comprehensive treatment of nervous system diseases. During this time, we gave several dozen thousand consultations and undertook surgical treatment for several thousand of our patients.


In 2017 we moved to a new, ultra-modern headquarters: PREMIUM HOUSE at Kołłątaja Street, in which we gained space to which we could invite colleagues from other specialities. In this way, in the heart of the city of OPOLE, within a few meters from the city center, from the train and bus station, you will find, as part of our project, specialist advice in almost every area, perform X-ray, ultrasound, TCD, densitometry and you may be subjected to one of the many recently minimally-invasive neurosurgical, orthopedic, ENT, dermatological, vascular or urological interventions that bring immediate relief to your pain.

This is the only place in the region where every day you will find a neurosurgeon ready for immediate analgesic intervention on your spine of peripheral nerves and having the means for this intervention, because in order to increase our potential, we established in 2020. a new entity dealing in minimally invasive treatment the spine and peripheral nerves: ŁĄTKA and PARTNERS - NEUROSURGEONS, associating the best doctors of this specialty in the Opole region, which enabled us to expand and equip our ultramodern treatment and post-treatment room.

We perform most of the minimally invasive surgical procedures on site, using needle, endoscopic and microsurgical techniques. We perform these procedures on an outpatient basis or as part of one-day procedures, thus implementing our guiding idea: the possibility of immediate, intervention relief of pain in a system reminiscent of American "drive thru neurosurgery".

We perform larger operations in one of the most modern private neurosurgical hospitals in Poland VITAL MEDIC in Kluczbork - our partner facility.

We also refer to treatment in public facilities, primarily to our home hospital: the University Hospital in Opole, in which we treat insured patients for free, but you must take into account the need to stand in a public queue.


Come and visit us in Opole, at Kołłątaja Street,

but we also invite you to read interesting health information on our website.